Michel Jiguet-Covex JCM Decolletatge CEO

JCM.DECOLLETAGE company was founded in Haute-Savoie, Arve Valley. Established in 1979 by its current CEO, Mr. Michel Jiguet-Covex, JCM.DECOLLETAGE started its activity on traditional cam-type turning machines for the defense industry, and Matra for the electrical goods industry.

a major company of
economy and innovation

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JCM nowadays

JCM.DECOLLETAGE in the Arve Valley,
in the heart of the Technic Valley.

Today JCM.DECOLLETAGE is positioned as a major operator in industrial subcontracting, in the fields of bar turning, manufacture of turned parts, and mechanical machining.

For over 35 years, it has evolved following technological advances and is now able to meet the requirements of the most specialized industrial sectors, such as automotive and aeronautical engineering.

We machine from diameter 2 to 200mm, on all metals, alloys and plastics, mainly on medium to large parts complexities.

JCM.DECOLLETAGE owns a very diverse set of machines, highly technical and innovative as well as efficient tools, which allow to optimize its productions. Its resources are constantly renewed, since our company has engaged for several years in a process of investment of about 10% of its annual turnover.

The company is newly equipped with 2 CNC multi-spindle machines, an INDEX MS40 and a GMC 25 ISM. Cutting and highly productive turning machines, aimed for technical parts and large series. Rather oriented automotive series.

JCM.DECOLLETAGE also invested in a CN INDEX C100 lathe, bar turning machine for highly technical productions and machining.

Our Quality and Metrology technicians are trained in the use of our forefront control tools. They master all the documentary requirements for EI, PPAP, FAI development.

JCM.DECOLLETAGE provide on-demand, the application of a 100% control, automatic or manual, which enables the company to ensure a quality level in order of 3PPM.

Mastering of tools and processes makes JCM.DECOLLETAGE a strong partner which guarantees more competitiveness.